Outlet 7 Pick of the Day:

Balmy breeze, sandy dunes, splashing water, hot pavement, ice cream dripping down the cone, green trees, bright orange sunsets… these are just a few of my favorite summer things.

(did I forget anything?)

YES. Add to that list this Meghan Sunshine Cape, available in Boysenberry, Blue, and Green. Sporting rustic weaves, beaded fringes, and a very attractive island-meets-chic flavor, the cape is a perfect layering piece for those warm summer days and cool summer nights. Paired with a simple tank, a pair of cutoff denim shorts, and sandals— this is the quintessential summer look with an added flair. Grab this outfit now at your favorite 7th Street boutique, Outlet 7!

Meghan Sunshine Cape— Retail Price: $144. Our Price: $64

Rockstar Boyfriend Shorts— Retail Price: $155. Our Price: $69

Charlotte Ronson Flat Sandals— Retail Price: $110. Our Price: $52

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Dance meets comfort with these ballet-inspired shoe designs by Bloch. As a footwear brand that specializes in making comfortable shoes that can withstand hours of rigorous dance and movement, Bloch appeals not only to trained performers, but also to the everyday woman, girl, and toddler. With shoes that are molded to the curvature of the foot and lined with soft leather, stepping into a pair of Bloch’s luxury ballet flats feels like walking on air. Pick up a pair here at your favorite 7th Street store: Outlet 7!

Retail Price: $176. Wholesale price: $78. Our price: $65

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